Inflatable Paddle Boards From Costco

Costco paddle boards can be found at most stores in the summer. But the real question is, are they any good?

Below, we take a look at the 4 most popular Costco stand up paddle boards that most stores tend to carry and we then review each one so you will know if it is worth buying or not.

Body Glove Performer 11

1. Body Glove Performer

This 11-foot, inflatable, stand-up paddle board is not inexpensive, but for enthusiasts who demand quality, the price may not matter. Triple-layer stringer construction promises years of use and even inflating this board is a speedy process thanks to the dual-action, high pressure pump that does the job in as little as five minutes. The pump provides an accurate assessment of pressure, so it’s properly inflated every time.

The Body Glove Performer sports a triple, signature Dura-Fin design that adds to the product’s sleek silhouette. It comes with an aircraft-grade aluminum and fiberglass reinforced nylon paddle that can be adjusted to suit the paddle boarder’s height. All of the items needed to get this vessel into the water come in a handy backpack that weighs just 32 pounds when filled with all of the gear. For folks who love extra touches, the Performer has a patented water bottle holder handle to secure a bottle.

This paddle board can support users who weigh more than 320 pounds and you can even bring a dog along because the material used to manufacture this product is that tough. The deck pad is crafted of EVA foam and you can secure gear via the bungee tie-down feature. Protect your cell phone within the dry bag that comes with this board and use the repair kit for quick fixes. Grab your paddle and get going.

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Body Glove Oasis Paddle Board

2. Body Glove Oasis Inflatable Paddle board

This comparably-priced inflatable is being marketed as both a seafaring vehicle and yoga/fitness platform, so it serves multiple purposes for athletes who are also fitness buffs. Manufactured to exacting standards by Body Glove, this unit features signature triple layer construction, a double-layered side rail and the company’s proprietary triple Dura-Fin design with a nonslip deck. Tether cargo using the attached bungee feature. The high-pressure pump inflates the unit in just minutes and can all be stored away in the supplied board bag that doubles as a backpack. 

Designed by paddle board champion Luke Hopkins in concert with an elite team of fitness and yoga professionals, the inflatable Oasis features this unique innovation: It is designed with an innovative paddle integrated handle, so users don’t have to deal with an intrusive center handle when it’s time to convert this water vehicle into a fitness and yoga platform. The lack of that middle handle gives exercisers more room to move around while undertaking yoga poses and exercises. Additional handles at both ends do double duty as paddle or water bottom holders.

At 34-inches wide, this paddle board is roomier than single-person competitor models, especially in the tail and nose areas. The full package includes the dual-action hand pump with gauge, coil leash, cell phone dry bag, adjustable paddle, repair kit and backpack/carrier to transport everything to and from waterways. Whether you’re seeking sophisticated gear for your favorite water sport, you intend to rely upon it for yoga/fitness activities or you plan to engage in both, this stable, hefty paddle board won’t disappoint.


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Hyperlite Inflatable SUP

3. Hyperlite Admiral Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

The Hyperlite Admiral provides an 11-foot platform for those who like a decent amount of space to paddle around or undertake yoga exercises that require sufficient room to be performed properly. The universal shape gives people of all skill levels room to maneuver while engaged and construction is a combination of machined EVA foam (the traction pad) in concert with rigid drop-stitch construction that allows for unlimited inflation and deflation activities for the life of this paddle board.

If you tend to bring along a lot of gear when you indulge in your favorite water sport, this could be the best package on the market. Unpack everything stowed in the heavy-duty backpack (easy to carry bag) that comes with the set—pump, paddle, fin, leash and iSUP Board—and expect to have what Hyperlite calls “a user-friendly experience on the water” thanks to the tenacity of Drop-Stitch construction that completes this easy-to-inflate unit designed to be enjoyed by individuals weighing 320+ pounds. The tool-free quick release fin system plus bungee tied-down anchor points are favorite features of brand-loyal fans.

If you have had issues with previous paddle boards because they don’t lock in place once the product has been inflated, you can cross that off your list of concerns since the Admiral offers riders that feature. The paddle is constructed of aluminum and it comes in three parts so you can adjust the length to suit the person at the helm. There’s a removable shoulder strap that can be employed to relocate the inflated board if you don’t want to fold it down and repack it, and the high-pressure hand pump features a PSI pressure gauge that is reliable and accurate.


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Body Glove Crusader ISUP

4. Body Glove Crusader

If you’re looking for an inflatable paddle board package on steroids, this could be the answer to you dreams. At 15-feet long and designed to host between 4 and 6 people on seafaring adventures, this pricey board package has all of the features shoppers seek in an inflatable craft: Quadruple Dura-Fin design, anchor points ready to secure the craft to a dock, 7 carry handles and there are two dual-action pumps for speedy inflation. The surfing nose doubles as a diving board. Put everyone to work onboard by distributing the four paddles!

For avid paddle boarders, this pricey craft is truly the Cadillac of inflatables. Pile on the bodies; the Crusader accommodates people who total 1000 pounds in weight while offering a stable paddling platform. Sleek, fast and streamlined, this model is designed with what the company describes as an “extreme nose rocker” scalloped tail profile so riders need not limit their enjoyment to paddling; they can also use the board for multi-person surfing fun. Families highly recommend the spring-loaded diving board to expand the use of this roomy platform. Multiple handles crafted of nylon with neoprene cushioning are easy on the hands of folks carrying this hefty craft weighing nearly 80 pounds back and forth.

Turn this craft into an inflatable island by anchoring the Crusader in place for swimming, sunbathing and diving. You can spend lots of time afloat because the board is not only roomy enough to bring a cooler and supplies for a day on the water, but the D-ring tie-down points secure everything in place so nothing gets loose. The Crusader isn’t so much a paddle board as it is an oversized recreational vessel designed for group activities on lakes, rivers and the ocean. It’s that sturdy and versatile. The cost may be daunting, but can you really put a price tag on a 15-foot inflatable that guarantees this much enjoyment? That’s for you to decide.


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Paddle Boarding History

For contemporary paddle board enthusiasts whose passion for this sport knows no bounds, it may come as a surprise that paddle boarding has been around for thousands of years. Archaeologists have found evidence that African and South American tribal members wove reeds together to shape primitive mats and then shaped long sections of bamboo into paddles that transported them up and down waterways as early as 1000 BC.

Historians point to Venetians as more “contemporary” examples of the earliest use of paddle boards. Enterprising Italians came up with clever ways to transport themselves throughout the water-bound city circa 400 AD. They pioneered the technique of standing up and using paddles to navigate the city’s waters for both commercial purposes and to transport passengers from place to place. And you thought the sport of paddle boarding originated only with Hawaiians!

Not your father’s paddle board

Fast forward a few thousand years as the evolution of the paddle board design moved at the speed of light, morphing these solid platforms into sporty, sleek aquatic crafts that captured the interest of athletes who loved the idea of sailing along calm, flat waters as a fun alternative to the sport of traditional surfing.

By 2013, standup paddleboards had become extremely popular as a direct result of their exposure by athletes like Laird Hamilton and Bob Pearson, both of whom have achieved celebrity status as a result of their high-profile performances. SUP boarding had certainly come a long way from those woven reed platforms crafted by creative thinkers so many centuries ago.

What replaced those reed mats and bamboo poles over time? Innovative natural and synthetic materials that ranged from fiberglass cloth to resin, epoxy and sophisticated compounds like carbon fiber. Today’s products are not only handcrafted works of art but the product of 3D technology and software that unifies shapes and hydrodynamic performance. For true performance or speed, typically one would lean towards fiberglass boards as they are a very solid board and built for speed.

The inflatable SUPs are a rather new invention born of material advancements that have captured the imaginations of every strata of society. As a result of the evolution all of these materials, designs and innovative engineering, paddle boards have become so innovative, popular and affordable, it’s no wonder they are sold by Costco, one of the nation’s biggest big box stores.

We hope you have enjoyed our buyers guide for inflatable Costco SUP boards. Be sure to also check out our other reviews where we also look at Costcos Wavestorm paddle board. It is a soft top stand up paddleboard and is considered a good board for beginners.