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So what size paddle board do i need?

With myriads of choices, finding the right-size paddle board can seem overwhelming, especially if you are new to the sport. A quick search on the internet will turn up hundreds of paddle boards in different lengths, widths, shapes and colors. So, how do you figure out just which one is right for you? In this article, we will help you determine the right-size paddle board for your needs.

paddle board types

Types of Paddle Boards

In order to determine the best paddle board for you, it is important to know a little about the different types of boards available. Likewise, the way you plan to use your paddle board will help to determine the right size for you.

Paddle boards can generally be divided up into four main categories that we will cover in detail. There are Surf Boards, Touring Boards, All-Around Boards and Fitness and Yoga Boards. Read on for more information about each.

  • Surf Paddle Boards These are not surfboards, but paddle boards designed for paddling through areas of surf. These paddle boards are usually under 10-feet in length, narrow and both the hull and the tail tend to be pointed. They are designed for quick turns and short distances making them easier to maneuver the waves near shore.
  • Touring Paddle Boards These boards are usually 12-feet or longer and narrower than other boards. These long boards are usually rigid and great for traveling long distances and racing with few technicalities. The hull is pointed to help with displacing the water allowing for faster speeds.
  • All-Around Boards These boards are the most versatile and are available in standard rigid models or inflatable models. They are ideal for a variety of activities like fishing or touring and work well in most water conditions. They are between 10- and 12-feet long and come in a variety of widths. These boards are a great option for beginners trying to learn to paddle.
  • Fitness and Yoga Boards Fitness and Yoga boards are often inflatable and designed to be the most stable paddle boards for keeping balance while participating in fitness-related activities. They are usually the widest boards and range from 10- to 12-feet in length.

Paddle Board Dimensions

Several factors come into play when choosing the best paddle board for your needs. The dimensions of paddle boards include length, width, thickness and volume. As mentioned, length and width play a part in maneuverability with shorter, skinnier boards being easiest to maneuver and control.

Paddle board styles

Source: chinasupboards.com

Paddle Board Length and Width

Most paddle boards are between nine and 14-feet in length and between 29- to 36-inches in width. Shorter boards are easier to use for quick turns and maneuvering near the shoreline. Longer boards are capable of reaching greater speeds for distance touring and racing.

Narrow boards assist with maneuverability but are less stable than wider boards. Narrow boards are ideal for riding surf and racing. Wider boards have plenty of room on the deck and are ideal for beginners to learn to balance. They are also great for activities like fishing or if you plan to take along a child or dog.

Paddle Board Thickness, Volume and Weight Capacity

The board’s thickness along with volume and your own weight will determine how high you float on the water. Most inflatable boards are six inches thick and rigid boards are between four and six inches in thickness. Thinner boards will have you riding lower in the water creating more drag and slowing you down. Thicker boards will feel more stable and hold you well above the water line.

Volume is measured in liters and directly correlates with your weight or the total weight of you and your cargo (dog, cooler, kids) on the board. Generally speaking, beginners should start with a board volume that is equal to 200% of their body weight in kilograms. For example, a 150-pound person should find a board with at least 136L volume (150lbs=68kg multiplied by 2). This can change significantly based on your activity and expertise level.

Another factor to consider is the board’s weight capacity. Balance, maneuverability and stability will not matter if the board cannot support your weight. Be sure to account for everything you plan to take along when you go paddle boarding before choosing your maximum weight capacity. A full cooler or your dog could add up to 50 or more pounds to your own body weight.

Choosing a Beginner Paddle Board

Now that we’ve completely confused you with all that paddle board dimensions talk, we will give you a few specifics of what to look for in your first paddle board. As a beginner, it is unlikely that you will be attempting to surf the North Shore in Hawaii or venture out on a distance race. Maneuverability and speed are going to take a backseat to stability and buoyancy at this point.

what size paddle board do i need

Inflatable or Rigid Board

First you must choose between an inflatable and rigid paddle board. Inflatable paddle boards fold up compact and fit into a backpack. This backpack, adjustable paddle and two-way pump are usually included with the purchase of the inflatable board. They are ideal for traveling and you can toss them into nearly any vehicle. They are a great choice if you do not have a place to store a rigid board. They are made of durable PVC plastic and unlike rigid epoxy boards, they will not dent or nick when dropped.

Rigid paddle boards are made of epoxy and require ample storage space as well as a way to transport it to your paddle boarding destination. However, these boards offer a larger range of maneuverability. Usually, more advanced paddlers prefer rigid boards. They are ideal for those that live near the water and have extra space in the basement or garage to store them.

Though inflatable paddle boards make a good option for all skill levels and activities, the choice between the two is a personal one. We would definitely recommend an inflatable board for beginners due to its conveniences and versatility.

2017 Best Standup paddleboarding

Length, Width, Buoyancy for Beginners

As a beginner, the length of the paddle board will probably be the least important factor in determining the right board for you. Still, since we are focusing on stability and balance, we suggest at least an 11- to 12- foot board to start out. Ideal volume will vary per individual but a good starting point would be between 140- and 170-liters. Width should be at least 32- to 35-inches for the best balance.

ISLE Explorer Inflatable

A great beginner board in my opinion would be a wider inflatable board. They tend to be the most stable and forgiving as well as comfortable on the feet and easy to haul around. One of my personal favorites would be the ISLE Explorer (pictured above). It has great stability, performance, and can really be used in almost any style of paddle boarding. It is also reasonably priced and one of ISLE’s best selling boards for a reason.

Check ISLE’s Prices Here Read The Reviews Here

SUP ATX Carbon Fiber PaddlePaddle Size

We recommend an adjustable paddle when you are first starting your paddle boarding adventure. Adjustable paddles are usually included with inflatable paddle boards for an added bonus. Adjustable paddles give you a chance to experiment with different lengths. It is generally recommended that your paddle is 4- to 6-inches taller than you.

Choosing a Paddle Board for Intermediate to Advanced Users

Once you have been paddling for some time, you might want to upgrade to a paddle board more specified to your particular activity. For example, you might be looking for a shorter, narrower surf paddle board or a wider all-around paddle board with storage room for your fishing tools.

By now, you have a better idea about buoyancy, and you do not necessarily need to focus on balance and stability. You will be able to closely fine-tune the paddle board’s dimensions to suit your needs. This will be more of a personal choice, and your options are nearly endless.

Tahoe SUP Zephyr

Advanced Boards

A great advanced touring paddle board would be the Tahoe SUP Zephyr (pictured above). This is a very light weight touring board that is narrow and very fast. You must have good stability as you will likely fall in otherwise with this board. I personally own one and use it when I want to have fun and go fast. With that said, it is also quite long (12’6″) yet very light and easy to carry around. It has plenty of D-rings to fasten things down with and is built for touring.

Again, I would only recommend this to a seasoned boarder. I own 3 Tahoe SUP boards and love them all!

Check Prices On The Zephyr Read The Reviews

Facts About Paddle Board Sizes

Here are a few general facts that sum up what we have covered in this article. Ultimately, the best paddle board is the one that works best for you. These facts can help you get started on choosing your first paddle board.

Short Boards (Under 10-Feet)

  • Ideal for kids starting out in paddle boarding
  • Most maneuverable board
  • Available with displacement hull (V-shaped for cutting through water quickly) or planing hull (rounded for balance)
  • Great for surf activity

Medium Boards (Between 10- and 12-Feet)

  • Most versatile board size
  • Ideal for beginner through advanced paddlers
  • Great for fishing, yoga and non-competitive touring
  • Most often available with planing hulls

Long Boards (12-Feet and Above)

  • Ideal for touring, distance paddling and racing
  • Fastest boards with the best tracking (ability to stay straight in the water)
  • Mostly displacement hulls for speed
  • Preferred by advanced paddlers

Paddleboard Needs Conclusion

We hope you enjoyed our article. For more great reviews, check out our blog here.

Beginner Needs

What Is Paddle Boarding & How To Get Started https://onyxmotion.com/what-is-paddle-boarding-how-to-get-started/ Mon, 20 Jan 2020 17:16:11 +0000 https://onyxmotion.com/?p=1104
All You Need to Know About the Exciting World of Paddle Boarding

Visit any lake or coastal town and it’s clear to see how popular paddle boarding has become. This sport appeals to the masses for good reason; it’s fun, it’s a good workout, and it’s (relatively) easy to do (not to mention all the other benefits of paddle boarding). SUP boarding is one of the worlds fastest growing sports for a reason. Read on to learn more about the paddle board craze, the history of paddle boarding and how you can get started.

What, Exactly, is Paddle Boarding?

Think of paddle boarding as the wonder child of kayaking and surfing. Simply, paddle boarding is standing or kneeling on a board while using an oar to guide yourself along the top of the water. It can be done on nearly any body of water, but flat, calm water is often preferred by beginners. Paddle boards are wider than surfboards, so you have a bit more room to move on it.

You can find people riding paddle boards with their dogs or kids, while doing yoga or while fishing. Paddle boarding activities are nearly endless.

Paddle boarding’s rise in popularity has come about because it is truly a sport anyone can do. You are free to serenely check out the marine wildlife or enjoy the views or engage in rigorous workouts. Paddle boarding can be done solo or in groups and on lakes, oceans or rivers. This means it doesn’t have to be a vacation-only sport for those who do not live near the coasts.


What is a Paddle Board Workout Like?

A paddle boarding workout can be as intense as you want it to be, which means it is ideal for all fitness levels. It is a great cardiovascular exercise without being hard on your body. Unlike activities like running, your feet stay planted on the paddle board. This means significantly less impact on your joints while still maintaining an increased heart rate.

Balancing on a paddle board is a great way to strengthen core muscles resulting in less back pain, more flexibility and improved stability. Paddle board yoga is becoming a popular activity because it combines the physical workout of paddle boarding with the mind and body connection of yoga.

Standup paddle boarding is truly a great fullbody workout.

How long has Paddle Boarding been a Thing?

Some form of paddle boarding has been around for ages. Ancient fisherman stood in their boats while paddling out to deeper waters for a better view of their prey. Gondoliers of Venice still use a paddle boarding type stance to row around the canals. The Polynesians, for whom surfing is ingrained into their culture, are generally accepted as the inventors of modern-day stand-up paddle boarding.

The popularity of paddle boarding exploded after a picture of surfing legend and paddle boarder Laird Hamilton was published in surf magazines in 2002. The picture depicted him on a surf board rowing with a paddle while carrying the American flag. He considered it a way to keep on the water when the waves weren’t cooperating for surfing. Today, you can find people paddle boarding anywhere there is a calm body of water.

How to get Started Paddle Boarding

Give paddle boarding a try! Head down to your nearest water sports facility and see how you like it. You can usually rent a paddle board for a specific amount of time to get an idea if it’s something you would like to pursue further. If, like many of us, you’re sold at first row, you might want to consider purchasing your own paddle board. This can save you money on rental fees in the future and gives you the freedom to paddle where you want, when you want.

Types of Paddle Boards

There are two main types of paddle boards; inflatable and rigid. Rigid paddle boards are solid boards similar to surf boards. They require the use of car racks or a truck for transportation and a significant amount of space for storage.

Inflatable paddle boards can be blown up with a hand pump prior to taking to the water. They are generally carried and stored in a backpack. This means that you do not need a dedicated storage space or a way to transport your board to the water. For beginners, inflatable boards are usually the easiest option.

Most inflatable SUPs include an adjustable paddle while rigid boards and paddles are usually sold separately. In this case, you would need to also shop for a paddle. Paddles should be about six to ten inches taller than the user and should be of an appropriate weight to avoid user fatigue. You can find them made of materials like fiberglass and aluminum. Typlically an inflatable paddleboard is what most people opt for due to its great storage & ability to transport in a small car.

Both Style of boards will work great if you are only planning on going out in flat water conditions while you learn to paddle.

Body Glove Performer 11

Body Glove Performer 11

One of our favorite paddle boards for beginners is the Body Glove Performer 11. It is 34-inches wide and 11-feet long, providing ample deck space for a newbie. It comes with a backpack, dual-action pump and adjustable paddle so you have all you need to hit the water. A few other features of the Body Glove Performer include:

  • inflates in under five minutes
  • three fixed fins
  • three-layer stringer design
  • patented water bottle holder
  • bungee cord storage area

Find The Current Best Price  

Additional Gear To Consider

There is a lot of paddle board gear out there. Here is some gear I would suggest considering:

  • A floatation device (Life Jacket)
  • A Leash (Coiled are my personal favorite)
  • Additional SUP paddles (I personally have quite a few based on travel or conditions)
  • Different fins (The size and shape of the fins effect its performance based on the conditions)

Safety Tips

Maintaining personal safety while paddle boarding is of utmost importance. If your board does not include a leash, it is a good idea to invest in one. This will physically attach you to your board in case you fall off. Depending on wind conditions and currents, your board can quickly be swept away if you are not connected to it. A few other safety tips include:

  • dress appropriately with hats, sunglasses and clothing with sun protection
  • wear sunscreen on exposed skin even in cloudy conditions
  • keep a safety whistle and small flashlight on your person

Different Types Of Styles

When looking for a stand up paddle board, you will notice many different styles like stand up paddling boards, SUP racing boards, SUP yoga paddle boards, paddle surfing, SUP fishing, and even Pedal Paddling. It’s enough to get a person confused, so I would suggest looking for a local rental store where you can go and try out some of the different styles.

Getting on Board

It’s finally time to take your paddle board to the water. Prior to heading out to the water, it is a good idea to check the weather forecast. Since water can be choppy both before and immediately after storms, it is a good idea to avoid paddle boarding during these times. You will also want to know what the wind conditions are because wind can impact how intense your workout may be. Additionally, make sure to avoid waters that are notoriously choppy no matter the weather conditions including fast-flowing rivers and rapids. These are only to be tamed by highly experienced stand up paddleboarders.

The following tips can help ensure a successful time on your paddle board.

  • Make sure you face the nose of the board. The nose is the pointier end of the board.
  • Make sure your paddle is facing the correct way, using the “scoop” to push the water.
  • Try to push the paddle from your core rather than with your arms. This will minimize fatigue and strain on your arms.
  • Find a shallow area to launch your board for ease in mounting.
  • If you find yourself losing your balance, fall away from your board into the water. If you’re going down anyway, avoiding a face plant (or any body part) with the board is ideal.
  • Wear or at least have a floatation device within reach. Children must always wear floatation devices.

Paddle Boarding Adventure Awaits

Whether you are looking for a new way to fish, get in shape or simply enjoy the water, paddle boarding is an ideal way to do it. The low-impact exercise is easy for anyone to do and offers a great cardiovascular and core workout. With paddle boarding becoming more and more popular on lakes and rivers, you don’t even need to live near the ocean to participate. Standup paddleboards offer a great paddling experience for people of all ages!

Thank you again for reading our article on “What Is Paddle Boarding & How To Get Started”. Be sure to also check out our other blog pasts as well.

What Is Paddle Boarding and paddleboard racing


Wavestorm Paddle Board Review https://onyxmotion.com/wavestorm-paddle-board-review/ Thu, 24 Oct 2019 18:46:49 +0000 https://onyxmotion.com/?p=1099 a picture of a wavestorm costco stand up paddle board

Full Review Coming soon…..

SUP ATX Reviews And Board Accessories https://onyxmotion.com/sup-atx-reviews/ Fri, 13 Sep 2019 04:27:14 +0000 https://onyxmotion.com/?p=1073 Board

SUP ATX Paddle Board

Based in Austin, Texas, they made a name for themselves as a premier SUP (standup paddle board) manufacturer since its inception in 2008. Founded by Nick Matzorkis, SUP ATX began as a way to bring paddle surfing — a favorite activity when Matzorkis spent time in Malibu, Calif. — to his home base of Austin.

About The SUP ATX

SUP ATX helped to popularize the sport of paddle boarding and is now the world’s largest manufacturer of standup paddle boards. These SUPs are meant to be used by newbies and experts alike. They make a large variety of SUPs that can be used on lakes, oceans and rivers for a variety of activities including wave surfing, yoga, or distance paddling.

ATX manufactures all of their boards in the US with only the finest materials including resin research epoxy, JPS fiberglass and their EPS (expanded polystyrene) foam cores. All these materials are incredibly lightweight, durable and withstand extreme weather conditions.

Since they make their boards and sell them directly to their customers, they eliminate wholesalers and distributors. This allows them to sell their boards at a significantly lower cost than their competitors. They maintain optimal quality by spending more for prime materials while keeping costs low. The main objectives of SUP ATX is:

  • To make the highest quality SUPs on the market
  • Optimize all board shapes to perform on all types of water
  • Include necessary SUP accessories like fins, handles, vent plugs, and pads as standard equipment
  • Make paddle boards that are easy to transport and store
  • Offer paddle boards at half the cost of competitors

SUP ATX Boards And Accessories

In order to create high-quality paddle boards that can be used by all skill levels and on all types of water, tons of testing had to be done. This is exactly what they did by taking a large array of board shapes, sizes and construction types out on all types of water to find out which worked best and where. Once prototypes were developed, they sent them to friends and associates to be tested and reviewed. This feedback not only helped to develop optimal boards for inland lakes, rivers and oceans, but also popularized the sport of paddle boarding for those that lived away from the coasts.

All ATX boards include EVA (ethyl vinyl acetate) memory foam deck pads as well as a carrying handle, fiberglass fin, leash plug and automatic air vent with plug. The ATX determined that these were necessary items that should come standard with all SUPs.

Along with the fact that most SUP ATX boards weigh between 25- and 32-pound, the carrying handle makes transporting these boards quite convenient. Inflatable SUPs fold up into an included backpack, while rigid boards can easily be lifted onto roof racks.

A few common features of all of their paddle boards include:

  • They are made for all skill levels
  • There are boards for all types of water including oceans, rivers and lakes
  • The length and width combinations offer the utmost stability in most conditions
  • Low rocker designs allow for more speed on calm waters
  • Available LIFTSUP integrated handle tucks away so the entire top of the board can be used for yoga or exercise
  • Made in the US with the highest quality materials for the ultimate longevity

Types of Boards

SUP ATX boards are designed for avid paddle boarders and first-timers alike. With a large selection of boards from which to choose, it is easy to find the best length and width for optimal stability. There are two types of SUPs; an inflatable version and a rigid version.

Inflatable paddle boards are useful if the user does not have adequate storage space for a rigid board or if the user does not have an easy way to transport the board — vehicle roof racks, truck or trailer. The differences between the two styles is generally minimal and comes down to personal preferences. The following are summaries of both the Journey iSUP and the Journey Paddle Board (rigid).

SUP ATX Journey


SUP ATX Journey iSUP

One of the most versatile boards out there is the inflatable SUP, or iSUP. SUP ATX’s version of this board is the Journey iSUP, and it is available in 10’6” or 11’6” lengths. With 31” width and 6” height, this board makes an ideal all-around stable paddle board. It is capable of holding up to 225-pounds including cargo, which can be secured with bungee cords (not included) to the attached stainless steel D-rings.

The Journey iSUP package not only includes a backpack for transporting and storing, but also a three-piece adjustable aluminum paddle and two-way hand pump. The center-placed carrying handle and two handles on the rails makes carrying the board easy once inflated. The EVA memory foam traction pad ensures the paddler a comfortable and slip-free ride.

This board comes highly recommended for recreational paddle boarding, traveling or for those who simply do not have enough storage space for a rigid board. It can be used on all types of waters, and it offers all the features of a rigid board without the bulk.

Check It Out

ATX Journey

SUP ATX Journey Paddle Board

This board is the rigid counterpart to the Journey iSUP. It is 10’6” long with a maximum width of 32” in the center of the board and 4.75” in height. Like the Journey iSUP, this board has an EVA memory foam traction pad and stainless D-rings to secure cargo. Unlike the Journey iSUP, the Journey has an included fiberglass fin, integrated carrying handle called LIFTSUP, CONNEXSUP plug, vent plug and leash plug.

The Journey paddle board can hold up to 240-pounds including cargo. It is also an ideal board for avid paddle boarders with adequate space for storage and a way to transport the board to the water. Paddles are generally not included with rigid boards and must be purchased separately.

Visit The Website Here

SUP ATX Carbon Fiber Paddle

SUP ATX Paddle Board Accessories

Aside from their high-quality SUPs, they also supply a variety of paddle boarding accessories. Accessories range in importance from absolute necessity to nice-to-have. A few SUP accessories available from them in no particular order include

  • Travel and storage bags for paddles and boards for protection
  • Assorted fin shapes for performance on different types of water
  • Car straps and roof pads for transporting SUPs
  • Wall board racks for storage
  • Cargo nets to attach to D-rings
  • Personal flotation belts
  • Leashes to keep connected to the board
  • Replacement parts
  • Most of all, carbon fiber paddles…

Carbon Fiber Paddles & Prices

There are also a variety of attachable accessories available like a soft cooler bag, SUPSmart dry bag for phones and waterproof Bluetooth speakers. There are items available intended to protect and reinforce a SUP prior to damage like rail tape. Since dings happen, a ding repair kit is available to keep the SUP looking like new.


Thanks for reading our SUP ATX review. If you have any thoughts, be sure to leave them below in the comments.

Bote Boards Reviews And Deals https://onyxmotion.com/bote-boards-reviews/ Tue, 27 Aug 2019 03:53:15 +0000 https://onyxmotion.com/?p=1048

Bote is a stand up paddle board company that is focused on the future of SUP technology. Based out of Fort Walton Beach, Florida, Bote was founded by a surfer with a background in mechanical engineering. The company grew out of his desire to bring world-class engineering to the SUP world.

Rather than thinking of paddleboards as lonely platforms in the middle of the ocean, Bote tries to bring the luxury and comfort of the boating world into the SUP scene. This means making boards that you can fish from without worrying about falling off. It means making boards with a place to store a cooler of beer. It means making boards with character that are strong and durable. And all of this without sacrificing performance or handling or adding too much extra weight.

Bote has an extensive lineup of boards that grows bigger every year. They are also one of the leading innovators when it comes to paddleboarding accessories. Their goal is to create a lifestyle brand that centers around the SUP community and branches out of it into the future of the evolution of water sports.


Bote Boards

Bote offers four different lines of paddleboards.


Their Classic brand is a line of traditional hard boards with beautiful inlays made from quality finished wood. These boards are broad, stable, and surprisingly quick. The Classic model has a lot of storage space, but may feel a bit heavy to the average user. If you like your morning paddle with a cup of coffee, Bote’s Classic boards also come with a cupholder.


Bote’s Native brand is similar to the Classic but with an artistic flair. These boards are also rigid SUPs with wood inlays and plenty of accessories. The difference is that Native boards come with fun, eye-catching paint schemes created by surfer artists. Designed around natural themes like autumn forests and ocean whitewash, Bote’s Native boards bring a splash of color to your adventure that can help connect you to the natural world.


Bote also has a line of futuristic boards known as Gatorshell. Instead of using epoxy, like a regular board, Gatorshell boards are made from an advanced plastic composite. This ballistics-grade material allows the board to float higher in the water, which improves its handling and extends the board’s weight capacity. The material also helps to reduce damage to the shell from abrasions or impacts. According to their website, Gatorshell boards are six times as resistant to impacts as regular epoxy boards.


The final line of paddleboards available from Bote is their Aerobote brand. This is a lineup of inflatable SUP boards, and it’s what we’re going to dive into today in depth.

In general, inflatable paddleboards are safer for beginners and easier to use than epoxy or plastic boards. They are also easier to transport, as you can simply pull the pin to deflate your board, then roll it up and tuck it into a remarkably small space.

Even fully inflated, this kind of board is generally lighter than a regular SUP board. And even though they are essentially just full of air, most users are surprised by how strong and rugged inflatable boards are. They are just rigid enough to provide you with a smooth ride, but not rigid enough to hurt you if you slip and fall.

SUP Reviews

The Aerobote brand includes five different board models that specialize in different areas. These range from sightseeing and all-around paddling to fishing and surfing. There is even a model that is designed for use with a motor.

Here are our reviews for the latest inflatable models available from Bote.

Flood Aero

Bote Flood Aero

The Flood Aero is Bote’s most basic model. It is fun and simple, managing to find a good balance between stability, speed and strength. This model comes with the most affordable price tag out of all Bote’s inflatable paddle boards.

The Flood is a durable board designed to last a long time. It is great for beginning paddlers and can be used in all sorts of conditions, from fishing to surfing to just paddling around. Expert paddlers on a budget will also find many things to love about the Flood, from the beautiful and ergonomic shape of the board to its grooved foam traction pad.

This board comes in two color schemes. If you’re more of a creative type, you may love the Native artistically-painted design scheme we mentioned in a previous section. They also offer a more linear-based design known as Full Trax.

Although it’s no luxury model, the Flood comes with plenty of features. This includes tie downs for a cooler, so you can bring refreshments with you without worrying about losing them to the waves. It also includes various hookups to attach fishing gear and even two small storage areas.

This model measures 32 inches long, 11 inches wide, and six inches thick. It weighs 28 pounds and can carry up to a maximum of 275 pounds.


Check On Bote Flood Prices Here

Bote HD Aero

Bote HD Aero SUP

The HD Aero is the most popular board in Bote’s inflatable lineup. Billed by Bote as the “one board for everything,” this board offers more versatility than any of the other Bote paddle boards.

Designed to be strong and stocky instead of fast, this board can handle more complicated environments than many other brands. It has a durable outer shell that allows you to paddle through rocky river terrains and into stronger currents without worrying too much about impact damage. If you need an SUP board that you can take anywhere, the HD Aero is a serious workhorse.

The strength of this board also means that it sacrifices a bit in the speed department. If you need to go fast, you may want to consider buying a different model. The durability and stability of the HD also make it slightly harder to move forward through the water, which is great for upper body strength.

The HD model comes in three gorgeous color schemes, the Classic design, the Bug Slinger, and a Core scheme that is designed around angular lines.

This board measures 34 inches long, 11.6 inches wide and six inches thick. It has a maximum weight capacity of 315 pounds. The board itself weighs in at a petite 30 pounds.


Check On Bote Boards HD Aero Prices Here

Bote Rackham Aero

Bote Rackham Aero

The Rackham Aero is Bote’s king of stability. This is a board made for serious paddlers who want to go on serious expeditions and need to pack a lot of gear. It is the thickest of all Bote’s inflatable models and also the longest out of all its models that aren’t motor-compatible.

This paddleboard is a big piece of equipment designed for heavy use. It has a maximum weight capacity of 400 pounds. This means that it can carry either large users or small users with heavy gear. Out of all the boards we’ve looked at, the Rackham’s massive weight capacity makes it one of the best for overnight trips.

It also comes with plenty of mounts and rings for lashing your gear to the board. There are large storage areas in the tail and nose of the board to make sure that you can fit everything you need. Most impressive of all, the board and all its accessories can fold up neatly and compactly into a small bag that is easy to transport and store.

This board measures a giant 38 inches long, 12.4 inches wide, and 7 inches thick. It comes in three different designs, including the Classic, the Bug Slinger and a Camo version that can blend seamlessly into the bushes along the shore. The Rackham weighs about 45 pounds.


Check On Bote Boards Rover Prices Here

Bote Traveller Aero

Bote Traveller Aero

The Traveller Aero is designed around a sharp nose point that allows this board to cut through the water like a swordfish. This is the fastest of Bote’s inflatable boards made for paddlers who want a high degree of performance and agility.

Although the inflatable Traveller sacrifices a bit of stability to achieve its groundbreaking speed and handling, it is also the widest of all Bote’s inflatable boards. This means it doesn’t have to give up too much balance. If you’re used to the general feel of paddleboarding you probably won’t notice much of a difference.

This is a board that performs best in flatwater situations. It is designed for long distance cruising, weighing only 35 pounds. It measures 30 inches long, 12.6 inches wide, and six inches thick. This model has a maximum carrying capacity of only 275 pounds, so pack light.


Check On Bote Traveller Prices Here

Bote Rover Aero

Bote Rover Aero

The Rover Aero is the newest member of Bote’s inflatable lineup. This model is less of a paddleboard and more of a boat inside a bag. The main feature of the Rover is its ability to mount a motor to the tail of the board. This means that when you get tired of paddling around, you can convert your SUP board quickly and seamlessly into a skiff or a dinghy and keep going.

This is an exceptionally-durable board, designed for high speeds, extra gear, and heavy use. It is, of course, the longest, widest and heaviest out of all Bote’s inflatable boards. It comes with dual inflation chambers for extra safety and strength. There are two inflation valves, one at the tail of the board and one at the nose.

Because this board was designed to be as boat-like as possible, it has a bunch of cool, boat-esque features. The surface of the board, which Bote calls the “cockpit,” is slightly sunken and surrounded by a low border of thick rails. The sunken design gives this board a lower center of gravity and extra stability. The bottom of the board is completely flat.

The Rover comes with all the usual ample storage areas, handles, and tie-down hooks that you’ve come to except from a quality Bote paddleboard. It also has a heat-sealed premium-grade foam traction pad on top that is designed to be resistant to moisture.

This model measures 40.5 inches wide, 12.6 Feet long, and 11 inches thick. It weighs it at a massive 63 pounds, but this allows it to provide a maximum weight capacity of an incredible 500 pounds.

Check On Bote Boards Rover Prices Here

Bote’s Warranty

All the boards mentioned in this review come with a warranty of one year that covers any manufacturing flaws. To activate your warranty, make sure you fill in Bote’s online warranty registration form within a month of your purchase date and keep your sales receipt handy.

The Bote Conclusion

We hope you enjoyed our review and deals of a few of their boards.

Starboard SUP Review https://onyxmotion.com/starboard-sup-review/ Thu, 22 Aug 2019 05:44:16 +0000 https://onyxmotion.com/?p=1016 SUP

Starboard is not your average stand up paddle board manufacturer. They are one of those rare companies that manages to combine innovation with eco-friendliness in a way that pushes the industry forward without harming the planet.

In expert paddle boarding circles, Starboard is known for its novel, out-of-the-box approach to board design and manufacturing. Somehow they manage to keep surprising us every year with both brand new products and clever tweaks to older models.

As avid SUP fans, we’ve been following them for a few years now. We’ve come to rely on their ingenuity in the aesthetic design of their boards as well as in the boards’ technological prowess. We can’t help but feel a tinge of excitement every time Starboard announces their releasing a new product.

Inflatable Boards

Starboard SUP makes some great rigid paddleboards, but where they really shine is with their Starboard inflatable paddle board models. Some of our favorite inflatable models are made by Starboard, including the Atlas, the Whopper, and the incredibly popular Blend.

Their inflatable SUP lineup includes tens of different models for various specialties and skill levels. They offer inflatable stand up paddle boards for children, teens, and adults, across a wide range of weight classes. They have boards specifically designed for surfing waves, windsurfing, racing, fitness paddling, and even just sightseeing. They make flat water boards, river boards, and models designed for ocean paddling. They even have a great multi-person model that you can use for a romantic paddling getaway with your significant other.

Starboard’s iSUP lineup is currently ranked as one of the most diverse inflatable lineups in the paddle boarding industry.

double chamber

The Safety Chamber

Starboard is responsible for some of the best design ideas in the inflatable paddleboard market. They are the inventors of double chamber technology, which brings an extra dimension of safety to amateur paddleboarders around the world.

The double chamber, which is featured in all Starboard Deluxe models, provides a second air chamber inside the body of an inflatable paddle board. The second chamber is surrounded by double side walls, which help to prevent penetration and deflation. This has the added benefit of stiffening the board considerably, bringing it just a step closer to that solid “hard board” feel.

The doubled interior sidewalls basically have the same effect as adding I-beam support to the paddle board. This increases the safety and maneuverability of your inflatable board without losing any of its superior flotation.

The extra air chamber contains between 14 and 42 liters of backup flotation. This can make a huge difference to your ability to make it back to the shore in the event of a boarding accident. Double chamber technology makes Starboard’s inflatable boards some of the world’s safest.

eco friendly


The environment is important to us. We try to recommend companies that not only create great paddleboarding products but also help take care of the oceans and rivers we love to paddle on.

Starboard is involved in and passionate about various non-profit, eco-conscious projects. Some of these help to minimize their effect on the environment while others attempt to leave it even better than they found it.

Svein Rasmussen, the founder of Starboard SUP, is vocal about his support for environmental cleanup and restoration. Many of his interviews with the press emphasize his passion for leaving the planet a better place for his children. He defines success for Starboard as being able to make people happy and help the planet restore itself.

Starboard’s current environmental projects are focused on reforestation and the reduction of plastic pollution.

Starboard Reviews

Here are our reviews of the most recent additions to Starboard’s inflatable product lineup. The boards come with three different distinctions: Model, Size, and Zen/Deluxe.

The name of the model tells you the basic shape of the board. This specifies the kind of paddle boarding it was designed for, as well as what kind of water it can handle best.

Some models come with different sizes and weight capacities. As a general rule of thumb, larger boards are more stable and can handle larger people.

Most models and sizes come in both a Zen and a Deluxe version.

The Zen version, formerly known as the Fun version, is the entry-level version. It has a drop stitch that is between four and five inches thick, which makes it lighter and slightly smaller than the Deluxe version. Zen boards offer a good balance between durability, speed of inflation, user-friendliness, and rigidity.

The Deluxe version is usually about an inch longer than the Zen version and a couple of pounds heavier. It features a six-inch thick drop stitch, which makes the board slightly stiffer. Stiffer boards glide through the water more easily and are better suited to bigger users. Depending on the model, Deluxe boards also come with extra features like carbon rails, dual stringers, and removable side fins.

Starboard Atlas SUP boards

Starboard Atlas

The Atlas is Starboard’s basic go-to model. It is an all-purpose paddle board designed to perform in all kinds of water conditions.

This board is 33 inches long, 12 inches wide, and six inches thick. The Atlas Zen version weighs 25.5 pounds, and the Deluxe version weighs 28 pounds. The weight capacity for both is at 265 pounds.

The Starboard Atlas is made for maximum stability. It is a cruising board that you can take with you both to your neighborhood lake and to your ocean vacation. The sturdy design allows you to take your mind off your balance so you can enjoy the natural sights and sounds that surround you.

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Starboard Blend inflatable board

Starboard Blend

The Blend is a speedy model with a thin nose designed for cutting through the water. It also has a wide tail to make sure the ergonomic design doesn’t sacrifice stability.

One of Starboards most popular designs, the Blend is made for gliding fast. It is a versatile model with rave reviews from both surfing paddle boarders and flat water cruisers.

This board is 32 inches long, 11.2 inches wide, and five and a half inches thick. The Blend Zen version weighs 23 pounds. The Blend Deluxe version is three pounds heavier. Its maximum weight capacity is 220 pounds.

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Starboard Drive paddle board

Starboard Drive

The Drive is one step shorter and narrower than the Blend. It measures 30 inches long, 10 and a half inches wide, and about five to six inches thick, depending on whether you buy the Zen or Deluxe version.

Made for smaller people, this board doesn’t take a lot of upper body strength to paddle. It is also quite easy to handle. The size difference, however, does make it a bit less stable than the larger models.

The Drive Zen version weighs only 20 pounds, and the Drive Deluxe weighs 23.5 pounds. The Drive’s maximum weight capacity is limited to 198 pounds.

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Whopper Zen

Starboard Whopper Zen

The Whopper Zen has a unique design that is both shorter and wider than the above models. This makes it both more stable and easier to maneuver. The Starboard Whopper Zen is great for fishing as well as general SUP fitness.

This board is 34 inches wide, 10 feet long, and about six inches thick. The Zen weighs 22 pounds, and the starboard Whopper Deluxe weighs 25 pounds. It can hold users weighing up to 265 pounds.

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Starboard Converse

The Converse is Starboard’s shortest board, making it easy to handle and convenient to transport and store. This is a fun model that measures 30 inches long and nine inches wide. It only comes in the Zen version and can carry up to 187 pounds.


Starboard Touring

The Touring Zen board is a sightseeing model with a pointy nose. It is made to cut quickly through flat water. The board has a solid build with a high degree of stability. This one comes in three different sizes, with lengths of 11.6, 12.6, and 14 feet. It is about 31 inches wide and six inches thick.

The 14-inch version is the most stable of the three. It features an extra storage compartment in the nose of the board and a maximum weight capacity of 265 pounds.

The 12.6-inch version is a bit easier to maneuver but can only carry up to 243 pounds.

The 11.6-inch version is built for smaller people. It is a bit faster and more maneuverable. It is also one inch shorter than the other versions and carries only 220 pounds.

All three Touring board sizes come in both Zen and Deluxe versions.

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For more great SUP boards reviews, check out our review blog here.

Body Glove Oasis Inflatable Paddle Board Review https://onyxmotion.com/body-glove-oasis-inflatable-paddle-board-review/ Tue, 13 Aug 2019 05:31:17 +0000 https://onyxmotion.com/?p=997 When it’s time to make the switch to an inflatable stand up paddleboard (iSUP), consider the Body Glove Oasis. Recently redesigned by BG’s own Luke Hopkins, the Oasis has loads of new features and conveniences to make paddle boarding even more enjoyable.

Inflatable vs Traditional SUP

There are many reasons to choose an inflatable SUP board over a traditional one. The biggest draw to an inflatable board is their ease of portability. iSUPs fit neatly in an oversized backpack, which makes them easy to bring along on the plane, in the Smart car, or even on a bicycle.

Inflatables are also easier to store in smaller spaces than their traditional counterparts. Keeping an iSUP in a car trunk, closet, or under a bed is a great option to those who live in apartments and condominiums. They are most often made from a durable PVC or other polymer combination to make them incredibly lightweight and manageable.

Traditional SUPs are made of a variety of materials including foam, Kevlar, carbon fiber and bamboo. Because of this, they are subject to dings and nicks. They also require a truck or roof rack to transport them, because no one can toss those into a Smart car. Then, one must have a decent-sized storage area, or the board risks becoming damaged by the elements.

Body Glove Oasis Inflatable Paddle Boards

Body Glove Oasis Yoga iSUP

What are some of these new features that make this 2018 Women’s Health Magazine Editor’s Choice winner stand out over its competitors? First off, it has a unique paddle integrated handle (PIH) system. Instead of the typical center carrying loop, this board has two loops on each end. Simply, slip the assembled paddle through each carrying loop, and the paddle becomes the carrying handle. This allows full use of the board without the annoying center loop getting in the way of yoga or other activities.

Another feature that makes this board fine-tuned for water yoga and other fitness endeavors is its full-length yoga mat traction pad. This offers the largest work-out area and allows the feet to better adhere to the board no matter what pose one is engaging in.

The BG Oasis is made of heavy-duty PVC plastic and has a triple-layer carbon fiber stringer running the length of the board for added stability and strength. The double-layer side rails offer increased durability and sturdiness. The planing hull ensures that the board rides high on the water which is another excellent feature when using it for yoga.

Body Glove Oasis SUP AccessoriesFeatures & SUP accessories that come with the Body Glove Oasis Inflatable Paddleboard:

  • Carrying handles have multiple functions including bottle and dry storage holder
  • Includes dry pouch for cell phone or keys
  • Bungee cargo storage near the hull
  • Tri-fin designed for stability and ease in gliding
  • Reinforced body for durability
  • Three-piece adjustable aluminum paddle that goes from 68-inches to 88-inches
  • 11-foot coil leash included
  • Dual-action high-pressure hand pump and gauge means the board can be fully inflated in about 10 minutes
  • Vibrantly colored in pink, purple, blue, grey and white
  • Includes a double-layer backpack for storing and carrying
  • Repair kit included

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Specifications of the Oasis:

Weighing in at 22-pounds, this board is fairly lightweight and easy to carry along anywhere thanks to the double-layer backpack. This feature keeps the one carrying it from getting wet after using the board. The board is 10-feet long which makes it a good, mid-size board for beginners. It is 34-inches in width allowing ample space for fitness routines and yoga. It is also six-inches thick to keep the user high off the water.

The weight capacity of the Body Glove Oasis Yoga iSUP is approximately 290-pounds. Keep in mind that this number includes the person paddling and any extra equipment, furry passengers, life vests, children, or sustenance that are brought along. It is highly recommended to stay below the weight capacity to ensure the board rides high on the water.

Body Glove Oasis inflatable SUP

Recommended Uses for the Body Glove SUP

This board is best used in flat or sheltered waters like lakes, lagoons and atolls. You can also use it on calmer ocean waters. Though it can be used in rivers and creeks, it is only recommended for Level II and under.

With its size and stability, this board is great for beginners and intermediate users alike. Its best uses are for water yoga and other fitness routines, but it can also make a good board for exploring near shore or in mangroves and swamps.

For Whom is the Body Glove Oasis SUP Recommended?

The BG Oasis is a good choice for average-sized adults and older teenagers. As mentioned, it is incredibly stable making it a good choice for beginners. It is an exceptional board for moderate use, and its longevity is extended with regular inspection and maintenance, if needed.

Though specifically designed for yoga and other water fitness, the BG Oasis makes an excellent all-around board for the leisure paddle boarder. It is ideal for those who do not have the storage space, or for those who simply do not want to deal with storing a cumbersome traditional fiberglass board.

This board packs away compactly into its own backpack, which is excellent for adventure travelers. It can be checked through the airlines to final destinations, or easily loaded into a car or truck. SUPing and even water yoga is a superb addition to any camping or hiking trip.

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Final SUP Tips

A few final tips that will help once the Oasis has been purchased include:

  • The ideal paddle size is approximately 6-inches to 8-inches taller than the person paddling which is why an adjustable paddle is necessary.
  • Before each use, ensure there is no damage to the board by thoroughly inspecting the bottom and seams.
  • Stay aware of surroundings while using as these boards can easily be damaged by sharp boulders, rocks or roots.
  • When storing, be sure to rinse the board with fresh water, and let it dry completely before packing it away to avoid mold growth and deterioration.

Be sure To ready our other article on the Body Glove Performer 11 as well.

Body Glove Performer 11 Review Costco https://onyxmotion.com/body-glove-performer-11-review/ Wed, 07 Aug 2019 05:37:49 +0000 https://onyxmotion.com/?p=974 Body Glove is a well-respected company in the world of water sports. They produce accessories for scuba diving, surfing, stand-up paddle boarding and so much more. Recently, they released an inflatable, stand-up paddle board called the ‘Body Glove Performer 11.’ This is a standard board and at 11′ long with a 34-inch center width, it is versatile as well. It is 6 inches thick and weighs only 24 pounds. This model has a maximum weight of 320 pounds. This board is bright yellow, which may seem garish, but it is a great way to make sure that boats and watercraft notice you.

Body Glove Performer AccessoriesIn short summation, this is a great starter or family board. Its size makes it ideal for sharing between family members, regardless of their size. For instance, older children can share this model of board with their parents. Users state the board moves well in the water and doesn’t feel slow or bogged down. This board has a nose that is more tapered than most paddle board models, which helps it move through the water easier. This board comes with a full kit so that you can get out on the water nearly immediately. In addition to the board, the kit comes with a three-piece aluminum paddle (adjustable paddle), a backpack bag for carrying the board, an ankle coiled leash, a hand pump, a small dry bag for your belongings and even a basic stand-up paddle board (SUP) repair kit. The only item missing from the starting kit that comes with the board is a lifejacket or similar flotation device. Beyond this, the board comes with nearly everything someone would need when beginning. Thus, for beginners that don’t necessarily have a plethora of SUP gear accumulated yet, this is a great starter board.

Find The Best Price

body glove performer 11

Basic Pros and Cons

Pros of the Body Glove 11 Inflatable SUP

  • This board is light and easy to carry, especially with the included carry case. This makes it perfect not only for families and beginners, but also for those who want to take their paddle board into the backcountry.
  • For an entry-level inflatable stand up paddle board, it has a great glide. This is mainly due to the severe taper on the nose of the board.
  • Although not known as a performance SUP, this board also turns quickly, likely due to the large taper in the front. Some inflatable boards turn rather slowly and seem cumbersome in the water.
  • It is easy to paddle and maneuver, which is a fantastic feature for kids or beginning paddle boarders.
  • Unlike other, more advanced boards, this one has a large cargo area in the front of the board. This is another benefit for those with children or wishing to take their SUP on a much longer adventure.
  • There is a large and comfortable pad in the middle of the board, which helps prevent fatigue when standing and paddling for a long period of time.
  • It has a neoprene carrying handle in the middle of board, making it easier and more comfortable to bring the board into the water.
  • For film enthusiasts, the board has a front mount for GoPro cameras and other action cameras.
  • The reinforced bumpers on the SUP helps increase the durability of the board, which is great for those transporting the board or riding through rougher waters.
  • The kit that comes with the board is a great bonus for beginners who may not have the accessories needed for paddle boarding.

Cons Of The Board:

  • Unfortunately, there is no touring SUP fin on this model. This means that the board may feel unstable or harder to keep moving in a straight line even in flat water.
  • It feels unstable and hard to control in windier or rougher water conditions.
  • There are no front or back handles on this sup board, making it difficult to move the board around on occasion.

Important Features In-Depth

Body Glove Performer 11

Front Bungee Cord Storage

The front bungee storage area has six attachment points with a generous amount of stretch. These could easy accommodate a medium sized backpack or dry bag. A smaller cooler could even fit in this area, making it an awesome board for a longer adventure.

Performer Rear Fin Design

The Performer has a three fin setup on the bottom rear of the board. Traditionally, three, smaller fins are used for boards that will face a lot of wear and tear. For instance, these are usually present in boards for families or white-water rafting. While this is a helpful feature for those transporting the board, especially with family, it is not a good configuration of fins for water stability. Conversely, the fins are permanently attached, meaning that it has an incredibly short set-up time. These fins bend easier than is preferred when the board is rolled up and stored.

Large Traction Pad

Standing on an unpadded paddle board for any amount of time can be fatiguing and painful. This has a well-padded section in the middle of the board for increased comfort. Additionally, it is larger than other models, giving you room for SUP yoga or enough space to sit and rest on the water.

Reinforced Stringer

The stringer in a paddle board or surfboard is the element of design of a board that impacts the way it flexes when under tension. Essentially, these are a core that helps the board stay together and resist damage. The Performer 11 has a heavy duty triple layer lining, meaning that it is more durable than similar inflatable paddle boards. It helps protect the board against wear and tear, as well as adding some extra rigidity when the board is inflated vs other standup paddleboards.

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Body Glove Performer 11


Users agreed that the Body Glove Performer 11 is a versatile board. It is accessible to beginners but great for all skill levels. The kit that comes with the board as well as a streamlined set-up and bumper protection makes this board an easy choice for beginners looking to get into stand-up paddle boarding. For those with families, this board has a high tolerance for wear and tear. For those wishing to transport the board or take in on longer adventures, this board is a good choice.

A tapered nose design on this board helps it cut through the water smoothly and with less overall paddling effort. This makes it easy to use on calmer water. The Body Glove inflatable has three, permanent and small rubber fins in the back of the board, whereas other touring boards will have one larger and removable fin. This makes the board great for smaller maneuvers and quick turns. The three fins also make the set-up faster because they are permanently attached. Conversely, the rubber fins are often subjected to wear and tear while the board is not in use. On a board like this, a single and more rigid touring fin would have been a more sensical choice.

Transport and Set-Up

The Performer comes with an inclusive kit that includes a backpack. The pack has shoulder straps that are padded for extra comfort. Like most backpacking and hiking packs, the backpack has a chest strap and hip straps. This helps keep the SUP on your back securely and comfortably. There are several clips on the outside of the bag for those who may need to store extra gear and accessories on the outside of the carry bag.

This backpack is big enough to hold the paddle board when deflated, as well as all the SUP accessories needed for paddle boarding. It opens from the top, so it is easy and quick to access the board and all the gear inside the bag. Additionally, there are carry handles on the top and side of the bag. For those maybe wishing to carry the back like a suitcase, this can be helpful. Extra carry handles also make storage and transport easier, especially when moving the board to and from the car.

Alone, the paddle board weighs 24 pounds and the backpack weighs 32 pounds with all the needed gear. This is a reasonable weight to carry, at least for a little while. The shape of the board and its inflatable nature make it easy to store the board in a relatively small space compared to a non-inflatable paddle board. This also helps for transporting the board in a car, train, bus or even an airplane.

Once you reach your destination, the Body Glove Performer 11 is quick to set up. The board needs to be removed from the backpack and rolled out on a relatively flat surface. With the pump that comes in the board’s kit, it only takes approximately eight minutes to inflate the board. Once inflated, the leash needs to be clipped onto the rear clip and all extra gear needs to be secured in the bungee section on the front of the board. From backpack to water, this board can be in the water in less than 15 minutes.

Body Glove Performer
What Are Other Reviewers Saying About The Performer?

Many reviewers love the features discussed in the above review. Specifically, the backpack was a huge selling point, as it made it much easier for users to get to farther away and more remote bodies of water. A fully inclusive kit also provides everything needed to get out on the water, which many people loved. The triple-layered and reinforced stringer was reported to work well as many SUP enthusiasts confirmed that the board remained tough and rigid when inflated. Other reviewers praised the stability of the board, even for larger users. The base is bigger than other, similar boards, which makes it easier to balance on than competing models. Triple fin design helped even beginning users maneuver quickly in the water.

In negative notes from reviewers, some users did not find the board suitable for touring. This is largely due to the smaller fin size. A larger, more rigid and removable fin would likely fix this issue for users. Some reviewers thought that the board did not feel strong enough or sturdy enough to support them adequately on the water. The rubber fins are reported to bend when stored, which has caused frustration from some SUP users.

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The Verdict

This is an exceptionally affordable board for the quality. It includes everything you would potentially need to get started, except for a life jacket. This is exceptionally appealing, as it does not require beginners to buy every single item needed for paddle boarding separately. A plethora of features and increased transportability makes this board a great choice for beginners and families. For those looking to get out on the water and have fun with little set-up, the Body Glove Performer 11 is a great choice. If you are a more advanced paddle boarder, however, or you have a specific style of riding, this may not be the best choice for you.

Thank you for reading out post on the Body Glove Performer 11. Please be sure to read our other reviews on Body Glove boards here: coming soon…

Waterproof Fanny Pack Reviews https://onyxmotion.com/waterproof-fanny-pack-reviews/ Tue, 30 Jul 2019 06:46:51 +0000 https://onyxmotion.com/?p=942 waterproof fanny pack

The Top 12 Best Waterproof Fanny Packs & Their Features

Invented in the late 80s and mainstream in the 90s, the fanny pack has made a strong comeback as of late. With the original design of being a waist carry bag for small personal items like cash or glasses, recent styles continue to go away from their traditional intention. These different styles are put in place only to further cement its status as one of the most iconic style accessories of all time. Nonetheless, one of the most used versions of a traditional style fanny pack is the outdoor waterproof fanny pack. This style has many different uses such as being water-resistant, carrying small outdoor items, and storing other outdoor necessities. Also, having a waterproof fanny pack can sometimes mean the difference between life and death. While that is a more extreme case, we can’t ignore the many benefits that come with it. With this in mind, let’s take a look at the top twelve waterproof fanny packs and their benefits.

mountainsmith dry tour

#12: The Mountainsmith Dry Tour Lumbar Fanny Pack

Uniquely created to be used outdoors, the Mountainsmith Dry Tour Lumbar fanny pack has all the features an outdoorsman would need. With a perfect blend of comfort and protection, anyone who uses one won’t even notice they have it on. It’s also a good protector against hostile environments such as heavy snow or rain with its thick outer layers.


  • It has a central pocket for easy access.
  • It is submersible.
  • It has a firm hold around the waist.

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Sealline Seal Pak


#11: The SealLine Seal Pak

On the cheaper side of waterproof fanny packs, we have the SealLine Seal pack. Worth noting, its cheap price doesn’t mean it’s cheap in its design. This fanny pack offers storage for your items in a completely watertight seal. This feature makes this fanny pack more water-resistant than waterproof. However, it holds up well as a daily user. That said, most people like to use this on casual outdoor family getaways such as a day at the lake or trip to the beach.


  • It has a quick buckle harness.
  • It has water-resistant material.
  • It comes with two storage zippers.

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#10: The North St Pioneer 9 Hip Pack

For a fanny pack, the North St Pioneer has a stylish design. By using bright colors and tones, you can protect your belongings and look good doing it. As far as its features, this pack has a removable belt, portable mounting hooks, and a lifetime warranty. Even though its a simple pack with only one main storage zipper, it has proven to be effective as a waterproof pack.


  • It has a stylish design.
  • It has a 2.6L capacity hold.
  • It is proudly made in the USA.

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blue sky basics pack

#9: The Blue Sky Waterproof Waist Pouch

It might look small and simple, but, the Blue Sky waist pouch was made to protect. With only one main pouch opening for minimal storage, this waterproof pouch is for valuable items only. Don’t bother wasting storage space with items such as your sunglasses or watch. It has just enough room for items like your phone or wallet. That said, it provides protection that will ensure your items stay dry.


  • It is versatile in the ways you can wear it.
  • It can float.
  • It has triple seal protection.

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Speed Hound Swim Bouy

#8: The Speed Hound Swim Buoy Waist Bag

The most unique feature that the Speed Hound waist bag has is that it is inflatable. By far, this feature makes it one of the easiest to bring outdoors. It is mainly designed to keep one valuable item protected against water such as a phone or keys. With its buoyancy capabilities, this is a great fanny pack for adventures such as snorkeling or swimming.


  • It can be used as a water lifesaver.
  • It is buoyant.
  • It has a removable buckle.

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aquafree dry bag

#7: The Aquafree Dry Bag

Designed for snorkeling, the Aquafree dry fanny pack offers excellent protection for any outdoor activities. Not to mention, it is one of the larger bags around with ample room for more items than you need. The only thing to be aware of is closing it properly. Some people make the mistake of quickly sealing the bag leaving an overhang on the straps.


  • It has room for extra accessories.
  • It is specially designed for water sports.
  • it has the ability to float.

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NKTM waterproof waist pack

#6: The NKTM Pack Waist Strap

Similar to the Blue Sky pouch, the NKTM Pack Waist Strap offers simplicity with effectiveness. All there is to this fanny pack is a lightweight centralized pouch. There is not much too it. However, don’t confuse that with not being able to fully protect your belongings. This pack has proven to be durable and is a great daily user.


  • It is lightweight.
  • It is transparent allowing for easy item location.
  • It has an adjustable strap.

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YETI sidekick

#5: The YETI Sidekick Dry Fanny Pack

The YETI Sidekick Dry fanny pack was made for outdoor activities like fishing and hunting. For this reason, it offers protection with a fully waterproof shield. In addition to that, it has puncture-resistant material that makes this pack virtually impenetrable. Its welded seams are just a bonus.


  • It has a Dryhide protective shell.
  • It has a mountable hook.
  • It comes with an adjustable wear strap.

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aquapack wais pack

#4: The Aquapac Waist Pack

The Aquapac waist pack was designed specifically for water sports. That should give you an idea of its waterproof capabilities. Apart from that, this pack has durable belt packs for optimal protection and storage. Also, it comes with 3 liter capacity with a practical access pocket. If you are looking to break a sweat outdoors, this pack might be the one for you.


  • It has a 6.3 mm nozzle water projector.
  • It is waterproof up to IPX6.
  • It has an adjustable protective seal.

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loksak plash sak

#3: The Loksak SplashSak Pouch

Not only is the Loksak pouch waterproof, but it is also leakproof. In case this pouch finds itself in the water, you don’t have to worry about it leaking and soaking in. In addition to that, its nylon fabric adds to it being lightweight and durable as well. Add in some adjustable seal straps and, this pack is one of the most well-rounded on the market.


  • It has a pull string for easy access.
  • It is lightweight.
  • It comes with ample room for extra items.

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waterfly slim waist bag

#2: The Waterfly Slim Soft Pack

By all accounts, the Waterfly Slim Soft fanny pack is the best bang-for-your-buck choice. In other words, it goes above and beyond expectations. To begin with, this fanny pack is arguably the most fashionable outdoor pack with its color and design. With four pockets for storage, it also allows room for all of your items and then some. While it can’t function as a fully submersible bag, it does protect items as good as most outdoor waterproof packs available.


  • It has adjustable waist straps.
  • It has a stylish design.
  • It can be used as an everyday pack.

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geckobrands tarpaulin dry bag

#1: The Geckobrands Tarpaulin Waist Pack

Last but not least, we have the Geckobrands Tarpaulin waist pack. This pack comes fully equipped with waterproof protection features such as an outside zippered pocket, interior protective mesh, and a water-resistant outer layer. This pack is great for the family with enough room for extra items on the go.


  • It is lightweight for its size.
  • It has an adjustable belt in two places.
  • It has the ability to dry quickly.


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YETI waterproof fanny pack

A waterproof waist pack is very useful in many situations. Even though it may not be the prettiest solution, it is a very useful one that many people turn to. Let’s go over some of these additional uses that someone may want to consider.

Additional Uses For Fanny Packs Include:

  • Keeping valuables safe
  • Storing your cell phones while running.
  • Water resistant dry bags if it is raining.
  • Perfect for boating or small fishing tackle.
  • Storing a water bottle.
  • Keeping cash in while traveling.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are looking for a running waist pack, a waterproof hip bag for paddle boarding, or fanny packs for women, there is an option for everything. There are even holographic fanny packs. The hip pack had changed dramatically over the years and can serve as great tool for many people.

We hope you have enjoyed our article. Please be sure to leave any comments or additional thoughts below. Thank for reading and be sure to check out our other blogs.



Inflatable Paddle Board Costco – Our Reviews On Them https://onyxmotion.com/inflatable-paddle-board-costco-our-reviews-on-them/ Mon, 29 Jul 2019 06:16:25 +0000 https://onyxmotion.com/?p=926 Inflatable Paddle Boards From Costco

Costco paddle boards can be found at most stores in the summer. But the real question is, are they any good?

Below, we take a look at the 4 most popular Costco stand up paddle boards that most stores tend to carry and we then review each one so you will know if it is worth buying or not.

Body Glove Performer 11

1. Body Glove Performer

This 11-foot, inflatable, stand-up paddle board is not inexpensive, but for enthusiasts who demand quality, the price may not matter. Triple-layer stringer construction promises years of use and even inflating this board is a speedy process thanks to the dual-action, high pressure pump that does the job in as little as five minutes. The pump provides an accurate assessment of pressure, so it’s properly inflated every time.

The Body Glove Performer sports a triple, signature Dura-Fin design that adds to the product’s sleek silhouette. It comes with an aircraft-grade aluminum and fiberglass reinforced nylon paddle that can be adjusted to suit the paddle boarder’s height. All of the items needed to get this vessel into the water come in a handy backpack that weighs just 32 pounds when filled with all of the gear. For folks who love extra touches, the Performer has a patented water bottle holder handle to secure a bottle.

This paddle board can support users who weigh more than 320 pounds and you can even bring a dog along because the material used to manufacture this product is that tough. The deck pad is crafted of EVA foam and you can secure gear via the bungee tie-down feature. Protect your cell phone within the dry bag that comes with this board and use the repair kit for quick fixes. Grab your paddle and get going.

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Body Glove Oasis Paddle Board

2. Body Glove Oasis Inflatable Paddle board

This comparably-priced inflatable is being marketed as both a seafaring vehicle and yoga/fitness platform, so it serves multiple purposes for athletes who are also fitness buffs. Manufactured to exacting standards by Body Glove, this unit features signature triple layer construction, a double-layered side rail and the company’s proprietary triple Dura-Fin design with a nonslip deck. Tether cargo using the attached bungee feature. The high-pressure pump inflates the unit in just minutes and can all be stored away in the supplied board bag that doubles as a backpack. 

Designed by paddle board champion Luke Hopkins in concert with an elite team of fitness and yoga professionals, the inflatable Oasis features this unique innovation: It is designed with an innovative paddle integrated handle, so users don’t have to deal with an intrusive center handle when it’s time to convert this water vehicle into a fitness and yoga platform. The lack of that middle handle gives exercisers more room to move around while undertaking yoga poses and exercises. Additional handles at both ends do double duty as paddle or water bottom holders.

At 34-inches wide, this paddle board is roomier than single-person competitor models, especially in the tail and nose areas. The full package includes the dual-action hand pump with gauge, coil leash, cell phone dry bag, adjustable paddle, repair kit and backpack/carrier to transport everything to and from waterways. Whether you’re seeking sophisticated gear for your favorite water sport, you intend to rely upon it for yoga/fitness activities or you plan to engage in both, this stable, hefty paddle board won’t disappoint.


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Hyperlite Inflatable SUP

3. Hyperlite Admiral Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

The Hyperlite Admiral provides an 11-foot platform for those who like a decent amount of space to paddle around or undertake yoga exercises that require sufficient room to be performed properly. The universal shape gives people of all skill levels room to maneuver while engaged and construction is a combination of machined EVA foam (the traction pad) in concert with rigid drop-stitch construction that allows for unlimited inflation and deflation activities for the life of this paddle board.

If you tend to bring along a lot of gear when you indulge in your favorite water sport, this could be the best package on the market. Unpack everything stowed in the heavy-duty backpack (easy to carry bag) that comes with the set—pump, paddle, fin, leash and iSUP Board—and expect to have what Hyperlite calls “a user-friendly experience on the water” thanks to the tenacity of Drop-Stitch construction that completes this easy-to-inflate unit designed to be enjoyed by individuals weighing 320+ pounds. The tool-free quick release fin system plus bungee tied-down anchor points are favorite features of brand-loyal fans.

If you have had issues with previous paddle boards because they don’t lock in place once the product has been inflated, you can cross that off your list of concerns since the Admiral offers riders that feature. The paddle is constructed of aluminum and it comes in three parts so you can adjust the length to suit the person at the helm. There’s a removable shoulder strap that can be employed to relocate the inflated board if you don’t want to fold it down and repack it, and the high-pressure hand pump features a PSI pressure gauge that is reliable and accurate.


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Body Glove Crusader ISUP

4. Body Glove Crusader

If you’re looking for an inflatable paddle board package on steroids, this could be the answer to you dreams. At 15-feet long and designed to host between 4 and 6 people on seafaring adventures, this pricey board package has all of the features shoppers seek in an inflatable craft: Quadruple Dura-Fin design, anchor points ready to secure the craft to a dock, 7 carry handles and there are two dual-action pumps for speedy inflation. The surfing nose doubles as a diving board. Put everyone to work onboard by distributing the four paddles!

For avid paddle boarders, this pricey craft is truly the Cadillac of inflatables. Pile on the bodies; the Crusader accommodates people who total 1000 pounds in weight while offering a stable paddling platform. Sleek, fast and streamlined, this model is designed with what the company describes as an “extreme nose rocker” scalloped tail profile so riders need not limit their enjoyment to paddling; they can also use the board for multi-person surfing fun. Families highly recommend the spring-loaded diving board to expand the use of this roomy platform. Multiple handles crafted of nylon with neoprene cushioning are easy on the hands of folks carrying this hefty craft weighing nearly 80 pounds back and forth.

Turn this craft into an inflatable island by anchoring the Crusader in place for swimming, sunbathing and diving. You can spend lots of time afloat because the board is not only roomy enough to bring a cooler and supplies for a day on the water, but the D-ring tie-down points secure everything in place so nothing gets loose. The Crusader isn’t so much a paddle board as it is an oversized recreational vessel designed for group activities on lakes, rivers and the ocean. It’s that sturdy and versatile. The cost may be daunting, but can you really put a price tag on a 15-foot inflatable that guarantees this much enjoyment? That’s for you to decide.


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Paddle Boarding History

For contemporary paddle board enthusiasts whose passion for this sport knows no bounds, it may come as a surprise that paddle boarding has been around for thousands of years. Archaeologists have found evidence that African and South American tribal members wove reeds together to shape primitive mats and then shaped long sections of bamboo into paddles that transported them up and down waterways as early as 1000 BC.

Historians point to Venetians as more “contemporary” examples of the earliest use of paddle boards. Enterprising Italians came up with clever ways to transport themselves throughout the water-bound city circa 400 AD. They pioneered the technique of standing up and using paddles to navigate the city’s waters for both commercial purposes and to transport passengers from place to place. And you thought the sport of paddle boarding originated only with Hawaiians!

Not your father’s paddle board

Fast forward a few thousand years as the evolution of the paddle board design moved at the speed of light, morphing these solid platforms into sporty, sleek aquatic crafts that captured the interest of athletes who loved the idea of sailing along calm, flat waters as a fun alternative to the sport of traditional surfing.

By 2013, standup paddleboards had become extremely popular as a direct result of their exposure by athletes like Laird Hamilton and Bob Pearson, both of whom have achieved celebrity status as a result of their high-profile performances. SUP boarding had certainly come a long way from those woven reed platforms crafted by creative thinkers so many centuries ago.

What replaced those reed mats and bamboo poles over time? Innovative natural and synthetic materials that ranged from fiberglass cloth to resin, epoxy and sophisticated compounds like carbon fiber. Today’s products are not only handcrafted works of art but the product of 3D technology and software that unifies shapes and hydrodynamic performance. For true performance or speed, typically one would lean towards fiberglass boards as they are a very solid board and built for speed.

The inflatable SUPs are a rather new invention born of material advancements that have captured the imaginations of every strata of society. As a result of the evolution all of these materials, designs and innovative engineering, paddle boards have become so innovative, popular and affordable, it’s no wonder they are sold by Costco, one of the nation’s biggest big box stores.

We hope you have enjoyed our buyers guide for inflatable Costco SUP boards. Be sure to also check out our other reviews where we also look at Costcos Wavestorm paddle board. It is a soft top stand up paddleboard and is considered a good board for beginners.