Bote is a stand up paddle board company that is focused on the future of SUP technology. Based out of Fort Walton Beach, Florida, Bote was founded by a surfer with a background in mechanical engineering. The company grew out of his desire to bring world-class engineering to the SUP world.

Rather than thinking of paddleboards as lonely platforms in the middle of the ocean, Bote tries to bring the luxury and comfort of the boating world into the SUP scene. This means making boards that you can fish from without worrying about falling off. It means making boards with a place to store a cooler of beer. It means making boards with character that are strong and durable. And all of this without sacrificing performance or handling or adding too much extra weight.

Bote has an extensive lineup of boards that grows bigger every year. They are also one of the leading innovators when it comes to paddleboarding accessories. Their goal is to create a lifestyle brand that centers around the SUP community and branches out of it into the future of the evolution of water sports.


Bote Boards

Bote offers four different lines of paddleboards.


Their Classic brand is a line of traditional hard boards with beautiful inlays made from quality finished wood. These boards are broad, stable, and surprisingly quick. The Classic model has a lot of storage space, but may feel a bit heavy to the average user. If you like your morning paddle with a cup of coffee, Bote’s Classic boards also come with a cupholder.


Bote’s Native brand is similar to the Classic but with an artistic flair. These boards are also rigid SUPs with wood inlays and plenty of accessories. The difference is that Native boards come with fun, eye-catching paint schemes created by surfer artists. Designed around natural themes like autumn forests and ocean whitewash, Bote’s Native boards bring a splash of color to your adventure that can help connect you to the natural world.


Bote also has a line of futuristic boards known as Gatorshell. Instead of using epoxy, like a regular board, Gatorshell boards are made from an advanced plastic composite. This ballistics-grade material allows the board to float higher in the water, which improves its handling and extends the board’s weight capacity. The material also helps to reduce damage to the shell from abrasions or impacts. According to their website, Gatorshell boards are six times as resistant to impacts as regular epoxy boards.


The final line of paddleboards available from Bote is their Aerobote brand. This is a lineup of inflatable SUP boards, and it’s what we’re going to dive into today in depth.

In general, inflatable paddleboards are safer for beginners and easier to use than epoxy or plastic boards. They are also easier to transport, as you can simply pull the pin to deflate your board, then roll it up and tuck it into a remarkably small space.

Even fully inflated, this kind of board is generally lighter than a regular SUP board. And even though they are essentially just full of air, most users are surprised by how strong and rugged inflatable boards are. They are just rigid enough to provide you with a smooth ride, but not rigid enough to hurt you if you slip and fall.

SUP Reviews

The Aerobote brand includes five different board models that specialize in different areas. These range from sightseeing and all-around paddling to fishing and surfing. There is even a model that is designed for use with a motor.

Here are our reviews for the latest inflatable models available from Bote.

Flood Aero

Bote Flood Aero

The Flood Aero is Bote’s most basic model. It is fun and simple, managing to find a good balance between stability, speed and strength. This model comes with the most affordable price tag out of all Bote’s inflatable paddle boards.

The Flood is a durable board designed to last a long time. It is great for beginning paddlers and can be used in all sorts of conditions, from fishing to surfing to just paddling around. Expert paddlers on a budget will also find many things to love about the Flood, from the beautiful and ergonomic shape of the board to its grooved foam traction pad.

This board comes in two color schemes. If you’re more of a creative type, you may love the Native artistically-painted design scheme we mentioned in a previous section. They also offer a more linear-based design known as Full Trax.

Although it’s no luxury model, the Flood comes with plenty of features. This includes tie downs for a cooler, so you can bring refreshments with you without worrying about losing them to the waves. It also includes various hookups to attach fishing gear and even two small storage areas.

This model measures 32 inches long, 11 inches wide, and six inches thick. It weighs 28 pounds and can carry up to a maximum of 275 pounds.


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Bote HD Aero

Bote HD Aero SUP

The HD Aero is the most popular board in Bote’s inflatable lineup. Billed by Bote as the “one board for everything,” this board offers more versatility than any of the other Bote paddle boards.

Designed to be strong and stocky instead of fast, this board can handle more complicated environments than many other brands. It has a durable outer shell that allows you to paddle through rocky river terrains and into stronger currents without worrying too much about impact damage. If you need an SUP board that you can take anywhere, the HD Aero is a serious workhorse.

The strength of this board also means that it sacrifices a bit in the speed department. If you need to go fast, you may want to consider buying a different model. The durability and stability of the HD also make it slightly harder to move forward through the water, which is great for upper body strength.

The HD model comes in three gorgeous color schemes, the Classic design, the Bug Slinger, and a Core scheme that is designed around angular lines.

This board measures 34 inches long, 11.6 inches wide and six inches thick. It has a maximum weight capacity of 315 pounds. The board itself weighs in at a petite 30 pounds.


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Bote Rackham Aero

Bote Rackham Aero

The Rackham Aero is Bote’s king of stability. This is a board made for serious paddlers who want to go on serious expeditions and need to pack a lot of gear. It is the thickest of all Bote’s inflatable models and also the longest out of all its models that aren’t motor-compatible.

This paddleboard is a big piece of equipment designed for heavy use. It has a maximum weight capacity of 400 pounds. This means that it can carry either large users or small users with heavy gear. Out of all the boards we’ve looked at, the Rackham’s massive weight capacity makes it one of the best for overnight trips.

It also comes with plenty of mounts and rings for lashing your gear to the board. There are large storage areas in the tail and nose of the board to make sure that you can fit everything you need. Most impressive of all, the board and all its accessories can fold up neatly and compactly into a small bag that is easy to transport and store.

This board measures a giant 38 inches long, 12.4 inches wide, and 7 inches thick. It comes in three different designs, including the Classic, the Bug Slinger and a Camo version that can blend seamlessly into the bushes along the shore. The Rackham weighs about 45 pounds.


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Bote Traveller Aero

Bote Traveller Aero

The Traveller Aero is designed around a sharp nose point that allows this board to cut through the water like a swordfish. This is the fastest of Bote’s inflatable boards made for paddlers who want a high degree of performance and agility.

Although the inflatable Traveller sacrifices a bit of stability to achieve its groundbreaking speed and handling, it is also the widest of all Bote’s inflatable boards. This means it doesn’t have to give up too much balance. If you’re used to the general feel of paddleboarding you probably won’t notice much of a difference.

This is a board that performs best in flatwater situations. It is designed for long distance cruising, weighing only 35 pounds. It measures 30 inches long, 12.6 inches wide, and six inches thick. This model has a maximum carrying capacity of only 275 pounds, so pack light.


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Bote Rover Aero

Bote Rover Aero

The Rover Aero is the newest member of Bote’s inflatable lineup. This model is less of a paddleboard and more of a boat inside a bag. The main feature of the Rover is its ability to mount a motor to the tail of the board. This means that when you get tired of paddling around, you can convert your SUP board quickly and seamlessly into a skiff or a dinghy and keep going.

This is an exceptionally-durable board, designed for high speeds, extra gear, and heavy use. It is, of course, the longest, widest and heaviest out of all Bote’s inflatable boards. It comes with dual inflation chambers for extra safety and strength. There are two inflation valves, one at the tail of the board and one at the nose.

Because this board was designed to be as boat-like as possible, it has a bunch of cool, boat-esque features. The surface of the board, which Bote calls the “cockpit,” is slightly sunken and surrounded by a low border of thick rails. The sunken design gives this board a lower center of gravity and extra stability. The bottom of the board is completely flat.

The Rover comes with all the usual ample storage areas, handles, and tie-down hooks that you’ve come to except from a quality Bote paddleboard. It also has a heat-sealed premium-grade foam traction pad on top that is designed to be resistant to moisture.

This model measures 40.5 inches wide, 12.6 Feet long, and 11 inches thick. It weighs it at a massive 63 pounds, but this allows it to provide a maximum weight capacity of an incredible 500 pounds.

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Bote’s Warranty

All the boards mentioned in this review come with a warranty of one year that covers any manufacturing flaws. To activate your warranty, make sure you fill in Bote’s online warranty registration form within a month of your purchase date and keep your sales receipt handy.

The Bote Conclusion

We hope you enjoyed our review and deals of a few of their boards.