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When it’s time to make the switch to an inflatable stand up paddleboard (iSUP), consider the Body Glove Oasis. Recently redesigned by BG’s own Luke Hopkins, the Oasis has loads of new features and conveniences to make paddle boarding even more enjoyable.

Inflatable vs Traditional SUP

There are many reasons to choose an inflatable SUP board over a traditional one. The biggest draw to an inflatable board is their ease of portability. iSUPs fit neatly in an oversized backpack, which makes them easy to bring along on the plane, in the Smart car, or even on a bicycle.

Inflatables are also easier to store in smaller spaces than their traditional counterparts. Keeping an iSUP in a car trunk, closet, or under a bed is a great option to those who live in apartments and condominiums. They are most often made from a durable PVC or other polymer combination to make them incredibly lightweight and manageable.

Traditional SUPs are made of a variety of materials including foam, Kevlar, carbon fiber and bamboo. Because of this, they are subject to dings and nicks. They also require a truck or roof rack to transport them, because no one can toss those into a Smart car. Then, one must have a decent-sized storage area, or the board risks becoming damaged by the elements.

Body Glove Oasis Inflatable Paddle Boards

Body Glove Oasis Yoga iSUP

What are some of these new features that make this 2018 Women’s Health Magazine Editor’s Choice winner stand out over its competitors? First off, it has a unique paddle integrated handle (PIH) system. Instead of the typical center carrying loop, this board has two loops on each end. Simply, slip the assembled paddle through each carrying loop, and the paddle becomes the carrying handle. This allows full use of the board without the annoying center loop getting in the way of yoga or other activities.

Another feature that makes this board fine-tuned for water yoga and other fitness endeavors is its full-length yoga mat traction pad. This offers the largest work-out area and allows the feet to better adhere to the board no matter what pose one is engaging in.

The BG Oasis is made of heavy-duty PVC plastic and has a triple-layer carbon fiber stringer running the length of the board for added stability and strength. The double-layer side rails offer increased durability and sturdiness. The planing hull ensures that the board rides high on the water which is another excellent feature when using it for yoga.

Body Glove Oasis SUP AccessoriesFeatures & SUP accessories that come with the Body Glove Oasis Inflatable Paddleboard:

  • Carrying handles have multiple functions including bottle and dry storage holder
  • Includes dry pouch for cell phone or keys
  • Bungee cargo storage near the hull
  • Tri-fin designed for stability and ease in gliding
  • Reinforced body for durability
  • Three-piece adjustable aluminum paddle that goes from 68-inches to 88-inches
  • 11-foot coil leash included
  • Dual-action high-pressure hand pump and gauge means the board can be fully inflated in about 10 minutes
  • Vibrantly colored in pink, purple, blue, grey and white
  • Includes a double-layer backpack for storing and carrying
  • Repair kit included

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Specifications of the Oasis:

Weighing in at 22-pounds, this board is fairly lightweight and easy to carry along anywhere thanks to the double-layer backpack. This feature keeps the one carrying it from getting wet after using the board. The board is 10-feet long which makes it a good, mid-size board for beginners. It is 34-inches in width allowing ample space for fitness routines and yoga. It is also six-inches thick to keep the user high off the water.

The weight capacity of the Body Glove Oasis Yoga iSUP is approximately 290-pounds. Keep in mind that this number includes the person paddling and any extra equipment, furry passengers, life vests, children, or sustenance that are brought along. It is highly recommended to stay below the weight capacity to ensure the board rides high on the water.

Body Glove Oasis inflatable SUP

Recommended Uses for the Body Glove SUP

This board is best used in flat or sheltered waters like lakes, lagoons and atolls. You can also use it on calmer ocean waters. Though it can be used in rivers and creeks, it is only recommended for Level II and under.

With its size and stability, this board is great for beginners and intermediate users alike. Its best uses are for water yoga and other fitness routines, but it can also make a good board for exploring near shore or in mangroves and swamps.

For Whom is the Body Glove Oasis SUP Recommended?

The BG Oasis is a good choice for average-sized adults and older teenagers. As mentioned, it is incredibly stable making it a good choice for beginners. It is an exceptional board for moderate use, and its longevity is extended with regular inspection and maintenance, if needed.

Though specifically designed for yoga and other water fitness, the BG Oasis makes an excellent all-around board for the leisure paddle boarder. It is ideal for those who do not have the storage space, or for those who simply do not want to deal with storing a cumbersome traditional fiberglass board.

This board packs away compactly into its own backpack, which is excellent for adventure travelers. It can be checked through the airlines to final destinations, or easily loaded into a car or truck. SUPing and even water yoga is a superb addition to any camping or hiking trip.

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Final SUP Tips

A few final tips that will help once the Oasis has been purchased include:

  • The ideal paddle size is approximately 6-inches to 8-inches taller than the person paddling which is why an adjustable paddle is necessary.
  • Before each use, ensure there is no damage to the board by thoroughly inspecting the bottom and seams.
  • Stay aware of surroundings while using as these boards can easily be damaged by sharp boulders, rocks or roots.
  • When storing, be sure to rinse the board with fresh water, and let it dry completely before packing it away to avoid mold growth and deterioration.

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