Bic Ace-Tec Cross SUP













  • Durable
  • Great Turning
  • Quality Construction
  • Great Warranty
  • Great All Around Board
  • Fast


  • Getting In The Higher $$$ Range
  • Doesn't Always Come With A Paddle
  • Limited Color Options

Bic sport SUP review

Bic is now deep into the line of paddle board manufacturing, further revolutionizing the range of boards available to surfers of all categories. The Ace-tech paddle board is among some of the manufacturer’s water sport products that are flying off store shelves. This article seeks to explore Bic’s sport paddle boards in a genuine review of their quality and performance.

a picture of a bic ace-tec paddle board

Ace-techs are plastic boards designed both for flat water and wave paddling. The Sups are available in a variety of sizes, both solid and inflatable.

Bic Sport Ace-tech features

a picture of a bic ace-tec cross paddle board

The Sups are made using Advanced Composite Engineered Technology (Ace-tech). They are made with polystyrene foam in the interior, which is then covered with tough plastic on the exterior. The foam is non-absorbent, meaning there is no change in the boards’ weight in the event the outer cover allows water in.

The cover won’t let in water that easily though. The plastic covering is so tough it could bump into rocky surfaces and still come out unscratched. It is put together through a process called thermoforming, which bonds the interior and exterior into one tight fit.

Each board comes with a 10 ‘’ Dolphin fin and deck rigging anchors.

The most popular model is the 10’0’’ board, which has a considerably large width compared to other paddle boards (31 inches; most others do not exceed 21 inches)

What Are The Pros And Cons Of The Bic Ace-Tec?

Not everything is perfect or even completely horrible, so lets take a closer look at some of the good and the bad of the Ace-Tec:


  • Toughness – The plastic coating is tough and can thus take a lot of ‘beating’, which a novice surfer is likely to subject the board to. It can continuously go against hard surfaces and still keep its cool.
  • Balance – The extended width of the Ace-Tech helps it to maintain its balance both in calm and rough waters. While this would be expected to lower the smoothness of its sail due to drag, the technology used in building it has catered for this by shape and material.
  • Ease of movement – The polystyrene interior makes Ace boards super light, making it easy to move around with. The built-in carry handle makes execution of this task even easier. This means you don’t have to factor it as a ‘burden’ when arranging a trip that will offer you a chance to get into the water. The movement is just as easy when using the board in water. The non-absorbent foam ensures the boat retains its original weight throughout the surfing session, making it ideal for use when going for lengthy water expeditions.
  • Size range – Ace-techs are available in a variety of sizes, making them an ideal choice for surfers of different age-groups. Difference in size greatly affects how a surfer is on the Sup, so this range means no one has to try and force on themselves a board that does not offer them maximum comfort.


  • Price – For all its great qualities, the Ace-tech’s prices will probably drive away potential buyers. Make no mistake, it is in no way overpriced. However, upwards of $500 for a casual surfer, which is what most novice surfers are, seems a little too high for a product whose similar designs cost almost $200 less.
  • Colors – There’s also not so much color range available. White and kids-orange are the most popular colors for boards across the sizes, something that could turn off the picky buyer.

bic sport paddle boards

Who should use the Ace-Tech?

This Sup is made for both novice and expert paddlers. However, it is the novice user who will gain the largest advantage of its ease of use. An expert who can already navigate with more complex boards won’t exactly enjoy the Ace because it lacks the thrill of challenge. For a novice however, it makes the paddling easier and helps them build confidence that will help them as they progress from easy to complex surfing stunts.

Novices, especially, benefit from the extra width, which allows them to stay on the board for longer as they continue practicing balance. It also has a good length to maintain speed on itself, something that will give the learner paddler the feeling that they really are getting the hang. This will motivate them to try even harder, and effectively increase their learning speed.

People who hire out their boards can also take advantage of the Ace-Tech’s toughness because it won’t be needing replacement that fast.

If you are an experienced surfer, you might want to stay away from this low thrill board. However, if you have that money to spare, this is for passionate surfers, it is well worth adding to your collection. It will come in handy on days when you want a relaxed paddling experience; days when you just want to go out and cruise the waters.

bic sport sup board

What are other people’s experiences with the Ace-Tech?

The tiny water toy has been moving fast from sales stores, and buyers have been just as generous in sharing their experiences. Overall, it has received an excellent rating of above four stars from most buyers on Amazon and other sites.

The few complains common across the board included not being the right fit for the buyers’ children, earlier consideration should be made, and the surface denting earlier than a ‘board of that price’ should take a hit.

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While the connection between writing pens and water sports equipment might not be very clear, it is fair to say that Bic have done a commendable job on this one. Maybe they wrote a good plan, or they used the pens to write some good research.

The Ace technology was a well thought out idea, and the result is a comfortable, strong and durable board that can be used by any type of surfer. Of course, with greater consideration for the novice. The non-absorbent nature of the interior foam is a big plus, both for its role in design and that of functionality. The toughness of the exterior absolutely benefits the inexperienced surfer as they can learn with no holds barred since there is little fear of damage. Better yet, they don’t scream ‘novice.’ You could very well be the surfing expert and still own an Ace-tech with pride. Does all this guarantee the extra bucks? Absolutely yes!